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Oyster Gathering & Seafood Harvest 2010 October 23 2012

THE WEATHER may not have been the kindest, but the atmosphere at the first oyster gathering and seafood harvest festival at Mylor could not have been beaten. Organised by Christopher Ranger, known as Ranger to his friends, the event was held over three days to celebrate the end of the oyster fishing season. During the festival at Mylor Yacht Harbour people were invited to see oyster fishermen in action with boat trips on the Fal. There was also a local seafood market and a chance to sample culinary delights cooked up by local chefs Arty Williams, Sanjay Kumar and Dale McIntosh. 'Brilliant' "I think, as a first trial for a small oyster festival, it was brilliant," said Ranger, whose girlfriend, Marion Monnier, coordinated the event. "We did have a fairly good turnout and the feedback has been very good." The festival also had a serious message. "It was also about raising awareness of the fishery and trying to encourage younger people to get involved. "The fishery on The Fal is between 400 and 500 years old. It would be a great shame if, in two years' time, that fishery was not there. "There are a lot of old boys on the fleet, but not many younger boys." Ranger is fairly new to the business himself after buying and restoring a boat two years ago. After fishing for a season and passing his catch on to merchants, he has now cut out the middle man and set himself up as a merchant. It was his love of his job that inspired Ranger to stage the festival, an idea he only came up with in January. "I've had a lot of help from friends and some big sponsors," he said. "I've had massive support from lots of people who thought it was a good idea." It has not been without its challenges, though. With days to go, Ranger was still without mussels, fish and crab. "I didn't know if I was going to have it by the weekend and I thought I might have done an awful lot of hard work for nothing. "Thankfully, it just fell into place and I have to say a big thanks to everyone who helped out." Ranger already has plans to repeat the festival next year, and hopes it will be bigger and better. "I don't want to turn it into an oyster festival like on the Events Square (Falmouth). It is kind of aimed at the fishermen themselves and celebrating the fishery." http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/Work-oyster-fishery-celebrated-festival/story-11418187-detail/story.html

Oyster Wink 11th - 14th October 2012 September 16 2012


Oysters From The Fal Stall
Photo: Ranger

The next event where we will be selling the freshest wild native Oysters From The Fal will be outside The 'Front (thanks again Matt) and The Watermans gallery (thanks again Sophi)

"Dear Ranger,  It is everyone's opinion in our party that your oysters are the superior ones &  v well done on the shucking competition. Much love  Felicity & Simon x."

Thursday 11th til Sunday 14th October 2012

On Sunday we are hoping to retain the Falmouth Oyster Festival Harbour Race Trophy for Licensed Falmouth Working Boats, the photo below sets the scene...

Alf Smythers 'Licensed Fleet' cutting across the 'Racing Fleet'
at St Mawes Working Boat World Championships 2012
Photo: Graham Pinkney

Oyster Gathering & Seafood Harvest 2011 September 16 2012


 Oyster Gathering & Seafood Harvest, March 2011
Photo: Kate Cornish

Celebrate the end of the season, the harvest, on the last wild oyster beds and for the last fleet working under sail in Europe… See the fleet in action then enjoy traditional harbour side entertainments including a fresh Local Seafood Market – Then celebrate the start of the summer with Camel Valley Seafood Sunday – A Jazz, Sparkling Wine and Seafood Sunday