Compostable Packaging October 07 2012

Well we have finally achieved one of our main objectives... NO more polystyrene boxes... Port Health Authority for Falmouth tested the purification tanks and gave the work experience recruits an important lesson on traceability and shellfish production... They also confirmed it was ok to use compostable containers, recycled and recyclable or compostable loose fill in a card board box... So apart from the document wallet or envelope window everything we send you is environmentally conscious and compostable... Oyster shells do wonders for soil when broken up too! In addition if you are a restaurant or hotel and order more than 60 per week, you could sponsor the rebuild of Boy Phil, which will cost you but will save you at least twice as much... Part of the sponsorship goes towards a state of the art cool box that will securely store your order at the perfect temperature whilst being delivered to you. Another polystyrene box saved from the bins after just one use... Call or email for more details... Or place an order and see for yourself... Bye for now Ranger