Fal Oyster Gathering - Out of Stock! March 2017 March 08 2017

We are sorry to confirm the annual Fal Oyster Gathering in March 2017 has been cancelled due to critically low stock levels on the fishery!

The Pop Up Gathering on the last weekend of the oyster season has been running since 2010, but due to a very low yield on the fishery this season it has been unviable for crew and even more difficult for merchants.

Research shows that the Fal has between 0.4 and 0.7 oysters per square metre! 400-600 hectares, some dense and some sparse, average 57mm and only 26% were over 65mm. 

Copyright CJ Ranger

The previous Minimum Landing Size of 2" 5/8 hasn't changed since 1926 and allows 2-3yr old oysters to be legal, but the new 67mm MLS is "its longest rather than shortest length" so possibly even younger oysters !

Fal Oyster MLS 67mm 35g

Native oysters have barely reached maturity until 4yr - so an 80mm MLS would be better for fishermen and better for merchants... now it has come to light that it is critical for the future stock of the unique Fal Oyster Fishery

for more info please email mls@cornishnativeoysters.co.uk