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Oyster Bedlam 

Sunday, 10th October 2010

Heaven is a bed of native oysters, British natives preferably, Irish is next best. I remember watching the contestants at the Tabasco Oyster Opening Championships shuck the season’s first ostrea edulis at Bentley’s in Piccadilly, desperately twisting their knives to unhinge these most private of molluscs. Interest in oysters is growing, with beds being revived around the British coastline. My current favourite, Cornish Native Oysters, are harvested from the sea by skipper (Christopher) ‘Ranger’ in his non-motored, sailing craft, the Alf Smythers (available online from www.cornishnativeoysters.co.uk – they travel well, by the way.)  For those that find raw too much to take, try them Rockafeller-ed, grilled with butter, a puree of fresh watercress and celery, and a few drops of pernod.

Author: Rose Prince