Native Oysters NEED YOU! August 24 2020

The Fal Fishery NEEDS YOU!!
Call for volunteers...

The Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC has recently established a new SavingESTER the Cornish Native Oyster Aquaculture Research Site on the
River Fal, Cornwall.

The aims of the site are to provide storage for the growth study of native oysters and to provide a
long term sustainable biomass to assist in the natural and hatchery supported reproduction of the

We are seeking volunteer support for some of the long term logistics that currently do not offer any
financial income, such as: marine biologically qualified management for the micro hatchery so we
can continue to work on larvae production and improve on natures wild survival rates, loading shell
in to trays for spat (juvenile oysters) collection research, grading and stock control at both the
harbour and aquaculture locations, vessel operation for the transportation of stock and research
crew transfers.

We are also seeking donations and investments so we can build on the micro hatchery we
established at the harbour, add further infrastructure to that which we have already located at the
aquaculture site and we have a dream to build a bespoke research vessel and have a very
distinguished name already approved for the vessel.

If you can spare any time, or if you can make a donation to the cause, or if you’d like to invest in a
Community Interest Company that aspires to ‘leave more for our successors than has been left by
our predecessors’ then please get in touch, as we would love to discuss what we need and what you can offer...

Many thanks!