Fal Rocks - Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea Gigus)

Following the interview with @BBCRadioCornwall and @BBCSpotlight I have decided to tackle the sudden obundance of Pacific aka Fal Rock Oysters on the Fal by hand Gathering from the intertidal areas where they are at the highest densities*.

Fal Rock Oyster Growth 2017

Please support me by either placing a pre order for raw, pickled or smoked... or by donating to the massive clean up operation that should start immediately**.

Fal Rock Oyster growing on Cornish Native Fal Oyster

However please note, it is a very fragile Cornish Native aka Fal Oyster fishery and great care must be taken not to disturb the grounds when it's the fertile season.

Where will the money go? Initially to pay the crew so we can harvest for free, then funding towards the rigorous pre-depuration testing and the end product testing. We have a pop up kitchen and bar, so we hope to preserve, pickle and pot the produce for future consumption just like we did years ago... every penny raised will be accounted for... if you are interested in being involved please contact me

Shellfish Bar Steward Snacks - Fal Oysters & Mussels

I am a Fal Fishery Management Committee member because I am licensed by Cornwall IFCA to gatherer oysters, mussels and other shellfish from the Fal, I provide names for up to three crew allowed to assist me. I provide full traceability through the purification process, I am authorised to to by Cornwall Council, CEFAS, DEFRA and FSA (UKCQ710EC & EW065-V-255A)***

* Density of Fal Oysters are less than 1 per m2, Fal Rocks 30 per m2!

** Sea temperatures above 16c are perfect for the reproduction of all oysters!

*** We know when sewage is still discharged into our estuary and we are not compensated when we close for harvesting!