March 2019 - FFMC Chairman's Fal Oyster Fishery Questionnaire Responses - compiled by CIFCA April 01 2020

Fal Oyster Fishery Questionnaire

From 8 returned forms, representing 13 Fal fishermen

Many forms were not completed at all, but were written on, as transcribed below.

Which is your main method of fishing:                         

Punt: 2 declared       Sailboat: 3 declared     (1 person declared both)

Are you a full or part time fisher:                                    

Full: 4 declared        Part: 1 declared

Do you consider the oyster fishery to be in a good state at present:                                                      

Yes: 1          No: 4

Would you like to see any changes made to the Fishery :                                                                             

Yes: 5          No: 7 inferred by comments

Should the Oyster ring size be increased:                      

Yes: 3          No: 2 + 7 inferred by comments

Do you believe the laying of Oysters on beds should continue:                                                                    

Yes: 2 + 7 inferred by comments          No: 3

Do you think that a temporary ban or restricted laying should be put in place:                                            

Yes: 2          No: 3 + 7 inferred by comments

Do you think the Queens are posing a threat to the Oyster stock:                                                             

Yes: 3          No: 3  (One person ticked both)

Do you want the queen fishery to continue:                

Yes: 5          No: 0

Should we only target one species a day Oysters or Queens or both:                                                               

One: 0         Both: 5

Should we consider having the Queens removed from outside contractors if they continue to multiply in number:                                                                                Yes: 1         No: 4

Please put forward any suggestions or comments that you may have, or believe may improve the Oyster stock overleaf so they can be discussed at the next FFMC meeting in April, thank you your opinion is important to us.

Please send to CIFCA with your monthly return. Thank you.

Comments received:

 “No change to present fishery” x 3

 “We have no wish for this fishery to be changed in any way at present” x 4

 “Some parts of the fishery need redoing with dead shell. I think the fishery   should be closed for a season to restock”

 “To me this form is total nonsense and should be discarded”

 “The need to relay more culch”