Cornish Oyster Opening Championship 2018 October 07 2018

Falmouth Oyster Shucking Champion 2017















As current #falmouthoysterfestival #oystershuckingchampionship #oystershuckingchampion and therefore #cornishoysteropeningchampion 😁 I asked @faloysterfest if they would adopt the rules for the @tabasco #tabascooysters #oysteropeningcompetition of 30 #nativeoysters? so the winner could earn a place at the #ukcompetition to hopefully ultimately compete in the @galwayoysterfest #worldoysteropeningchampionships... 🤔 “no” 👎 because this years event maybe just 6 oysters for each competitor to open on stage 🙈 I’d like to declare the inaugural #CornishNativeOysterOpeningChampionships #CornishOysterShuckingChampionships will be held @thefrontfal #Falmouth on Saturday 13th October 2018 at 7pm 🤩 - to enter your nominee (must be a business that nominates one named entry) and receive a copy of the @tabasco_uk rules please email - the winner will receive a return sleeper train 🚆ticket to London for the 2019 Tabasco Championships (sponsored by @FalOyster) and maybe earn a place at the #worldchampionships in Ireland 2019 🙏