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YouTube & Vimeo channels... August 30 2020

New short films online and more coming soon...

http://www.savingester.co.uk/ June 23 2020

While the Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC is all about the Fal Fishery, you can now keep an eye on progress of out first project about the Cornish Native Oysters Hatchery at www.savingester.co.uk

Happy ESTER, Happy Oyster, Happy Easter! April 08 2020

Happy ESTER, Happy Oyster, Happy Easter!

Firstly, I want to send my best wishes in these unprecedented times and hope of the safety and wellbeing for you, your family and colleagues in the future weeks and months.

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Fal Fishery Cooperative
Community Interest Company (CIC)

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March 2020 - Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC Celebrates 1st Year 30th March April 02 2020

Following a successful application to The Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies, the 'Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC 11915357' was officially incorporated on 30th March 2019

In the 1st year, we have held numerous stakeholder meetings, written 3 large grant applications, secured one of only two Aquaculture Sites on the Fal Estuary, set up a successfully raised £383 funds on Just Giving and over £8,755 on an 'All OR Nothing Target' on Crowdfunder UK and are embarking on a new @SavingESTER hatchery...

Crowdfunder Saving ESTER the OYSTER - Running Total Widget April 02 2020

Just Giving Crowdfunding Raises £383 April 02 2020

Thank you to my friends & family that donated through our Just Giving page, just the start need to secure the solicitors fee's for the King Harry Aquaculture Research Site and buy at bit of time at the harbour while we set up: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/cornishnativeoysterrestoration

https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/savingestertheoyster April 02 2020

Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC - New YouTube Channel April 02 2020

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ITV Westcountry News - Fal Fishery Cooperative April 02 2020

January 2020 - Falmouth fishermen saving Cornish oysters April 02 2020

Chris Ranger, founder of the Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC, is aiming to hatch and release 1,000,000 Cornish Native Oysters into the estuary in order to increase their survival rate.

January 2020 - NOTICE OF: Inaugural Annual General Meeting & 2nd Public Meeting April 02 2020

Inaugural Annual General Meeting to be held
1600-1900 Thursday 30th January 2020 at Mylor Yacht Club
(the organisers & hosts reserve the right to remove individuals causing a public nuisance or disturbance and to close the meeting at any time)

January 2020 - SCHEDULE: Inaugural Annual General Meeting Thursday 30th April 02 2020

The purpose of the schedule throughout the day is to introduce academics, authorities and funders to the unique Fal Fishery, the challenges and the projects planned by the Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC. It also welcomes licensed oyster gatherers and registered Aquaculture Production Businesses (APB) who wish to become members of the CIC to attend the AGM at the end of the day.

December 2019 - Seafood Innovation Fund Round 1 - "Unsuccessful" April 01 2020

"Oyster aquaculture is well understood and there is excellent availability of spat to purchase from both the UK and North France in various sizes for relying directly. This proposal doesn’t demonstrate a technical solution that is commercially sound. Once built it has to be run and there is little evidence that the fishery could support the operational costs long term. The costs associated with the size of hatchery are also disproportionate to the likely output making commercial viability even more challenging." 

“bringing back a key ecosystem engineer by developing and supporting best practice in Europe” Bernadette Pogoda et al April 01 2020


The Native Oyster Restoration Alliance (NORA) and the Berlin Oyster Recommendation: “bringing back a key ecosystem engineer by developing and supporting best practice in Europe” Bernadette Pogoda et al

"Recommendations: Produce sufficient oysters for restoration of oyster reefs
Background: Sufficient seed oyster supply is a key limiting factor for native oyster restoration projects in Europe. Translocation between sites of seed oysters or any other size classes from wild beds should be discouraged to avoid increasing the pressure on still existing wild beds and reduce the risk of spreading invasive species and disease.
Recommendation: Action should be undertaken to support existing hatcheries, spatting ponds and spat collector techniques and to establish new hatcheries and spatting ponds for the production of robust and genetically diverse Ostrea edulis seed. Brood stock sanctuaries should be established and used for local reinforcements."

"If not us, who? If not now, when?" April 01 2020

Our aims and objectives are to work with oyster gatherers, universities, researchers, marine biologists, harbours, authorities and stake holders to restore the unique native oyster that is in decline on the Fal Fishery. We are currently applying for funding to deliver the projects under a Community Led Development Strategy and other UK funding schemes.

"If not us, who? If not now, when?"


A 2yr old can produce 500,000 larvae and only 1 might survive 12 months, a 4yr old can produce 1,000,000 larvae and 2 might survive, but after 4 years 1+1+2=4 might be left after harvesting, compared to maybe nothing left after harvesting a 2yr old!!


Less than 100 years ago 200 vessels sold 800 tonnes from the Fal Fishery, per season!

July 2019 - From Fal Fishery Management Committee to Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC April 01 2020

Cornwall Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority (IFCA), the new 2016 Regulatory Authority, have a Management Committee and the Vice Chairman, who became Chairman of the Fal Fishery Management Committee (FFMC), wanted to ascertain the “one thing that oystermen want to see happen to improve the fishery”. Following the FFMC meeting in November 2018 Cornwall IFCA refused to distribute his letter and questionnaire on the grounds they thought it contravened the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), even though it was aimed only at working licensed oyster gatherers.

April 2019 - Fal Oyster fisherman creates CIC to promote sustainable methods April 01 2020

A Falmouth oyster fisherman has created a community interest company (CIC) to help secure the future of the protected shellfish and other local species.

March 2019 - Plans for a NEW Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC - Community Interest Company April 01 2020

We are looking for members and subscribers from the local community to help us promote the unique fishery and the diversity of species available to us, bringing much needed revenue to our community

March 2019 - FFMC Chairman's Fal Oyster Fishery Questionnaire Responses - compiled by CIFCA April 01 2020

From 8 returned forms, representing 13 Fal fishermen

Many forms were not completed at all, but were written on, as transcribed below

January 2019 - Fal Fishery Management Committee - Chairman's Letter April 01 2020

You are invited to a meeting at Mylor Yacht Club on Thursday 31st January 2019 to discuss the possibilities of forming a CIC (Community Interest Company)