Pop Up Gatherings - since October 2009

Fal Oyster Gathering - Out of Stock! March 2017 March 08 2017

We are sorry to confirm the annual Fal Oyster Gathering in March 2017 has been cancelled due to critically low stock levels on the fishery!

The Pop Up Gathering on the last weekend of the oyster season has been running since 2010, but due to a very low yield on the fishery this season it has been unviable for crew and even more difficult for merchants.

Research shows that the Fal has between 0.4 and 0.7 oysters per square metre! 400-600 hectares, some dense and some sparse, average 57mm and only 26% were over 65mm. 

Copyright CJ Ranger

The previous Minimum Landing Size of 2" 5/8 hasn't changed since 1926 and allows 2-3yr old oysters to be legal, but the new 67mm MLS is "its longest rather than shortest length" so possibly even younger oysters !

Fal Oyster MLS 67mm 35g

Native oysters have barely reached maturity until 4yr - so an 80mm MLS would be better for fishermen and better for merchants... now it has come to light that it is critical for the future stock of the unique Fal Oyster Fishery

for more info please email mls@cornishnativeoysters.co.uk

Fal Oyster Wink - Customs House Quay 13-16 October 2016 September 13 2016

The next #FalOysterWink is:
Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th October 2016
on Customs House Quay Falmouth
admin@popupgatherings.co.uk for info


Our latest Cornwall Living Gourmet Gossip...

 Cornwall Living 52 - Gourmet Gossip

Our shortlisted pop up street food trucks are:

Ostraca - Shellfish, Steaks and a full Cornish Bar

Cecil on Ice - Cocktails

Picnic Cornwall - Coffee, Tea and Cakes

Woody's Wood Fired Pizza - just great pizza's

Wild Food Kitchen - wild foraged foods

obviously we highly recommend our friends at The Front Fal too


We have been so unlucky with the weather at the previous Pop Up Gatherings but we hope our luck is changing !

7th Fal Oyster Wink, 8-11 October Customs House Quay Falmouth September 24 2015



7th #FalOysterWink 8th-11th October, The 'Front Customs House Quay, Falmouth

What started with just an oyster knife and a cool box full of the first batch of Cornish Native Oysters in the corner of a pub has become an annual pilgrimage for many visitors to the Falmouth Oyster Festival, however they are not in the main event, they are on the fringe, at The 'Front, Customs House Quay, behind Trago and Harbour Lights, the home of some of the early festivals !


"The 'Front also happens to be the old Customs & Exercise office and so we thought it would be great to celebrate the 1830 beer act" says Chris Ranger (oysterman, merchant, restaurateur, shucker & harbour racer) "with our fully licensed pop up oyster bar @OstracaCornwall and Rebel Brewing Co responsible for the latest brew of #FalOysterStout, as well as the latest Tres Hombres New Dawn Rum, we hope to have a sneaky nip or two of a very special dawning... Oh and with Camel Valley putting the BRUT in #ShellfishBRUT we aim to bring you the ultimate pop up venue before we take the whole thing on tour to parties, festivities and @PopUpGatherings ending up back @CarlyonBeach for Easter 2016 and the "7th Fal Oyster Gathering", which by all accounts maybe about to become part of something much bigger"

Of course, on the menu will be all sizes of Fal Oysters fresh from the fishery and verified by Trading Standards as a Genuine 'Fal Oyster' with Protected Designation of Origin status. Fal Oyster Ltd. t/a Cornish Native Oysters, based right on the fishery at Mylor, are the 1st company to be verified and the Fal Oyster is the ONLY oyster to have a PDO, Whitstable has PGI.

Tempura Pothilly Rocks with Wasabi Mayo 

Additionally Ostraca will always have a specials board of Porthilly Rock Oysters, natural, Kilpatrick, Rocker Fella, or tempura, other cooked options such as Steak & Oyster will be available too.

CJ Ranger
Fal Oyster Ltd.


[Kiddlywink (sometimes spelt kiddleywink) is an old name for a Cornish beer shop or beer house, which became popular after the 1830 beer act. They were licensed to sell beer or cider by the Customs & Exercise rather than by a Magistrate's Licence which was required by traditional Taverns and Inns. They were reputed to be the haunts of smugglers and often had an unmarked bottle of spirits under the counter.
Farm labourers could receive beer instead of their wages.

Fal Oyster Bar Furniture January 11 2014

Fal Oyster Ltd. are about to launch the 1st Pop Up Seafood and Sushi Bar... Designs are in final stages before we place the order.


We are now looking at furniture, chairs and chairs, we thought crowdfunder may be an interesting way of affording designer furniture rather than cheap and cheerful.


We will put your name and the crowdfunder logo on one piece of furniture we we purchase if we make the target!


more info to follow so watch this space!

Inaugural Falmouth Oyster Fringe... September 12 2013

We are pleased to announce the dates for the inaugural Falmouth Oyster Fringe are 10-13 October 2013

Following in the footsteps of the Oyster Wink, which has been running at The ' Front on Customs House Quay for four years we are pleased to be involved with Da Boas events throughout the town.

The first supporters are:

The 'Front


Hand Bar

Seven Stars (Moor)

and Samphire who will be hosting a VIP (open to all) Oyster and Bubbles bar featuring award winning Camel Valley BRUT

for more information as it is added please refer to...


Oyster Wink 11th - 14th October 2012 September 16 2012


Oysters From The Fal Stall
Photo: Ranger

The next event where we will be selling the freshest wild native Oysters From The Fal will be outside The 'Front (thanks again Matt) and The Watermans gallery (thanks again Sophi)

"Dear Ranger,  It is everyone's opinion in our party that your oysters are the superior ones &  v well done on the shucking competition. Much love  Felicity & Simon x."

Thursday 11th til Sunday 14th October 2012

On Sunday we are hoping to retain the Falmouth Oyster Festival Harbour Race Trophy for Licensed Falmouth Working Boats, the photo below sets the scene...

Alf Smythers 'Licensed Fleet' cutting across the 'Racing Fleet'
at St Mawes Working Boat World Championships 2012
Photo: Graham Pinkney