Why is festival shutting out a local oyster fisherman? April 01 2020

And so I set up the Falmouth Oyster Festival Fringe Oyster Gathering in October 2009 at The 'Front on Custom House Quay, where the original festivals were held... which lead to the first end of season sea food harvest Oyster Gathering in 2020 at Mylor Yacht Harbour

Letter to Falmouth Packet 6th October 2010

"Why is festival shutting out a local oyster fisherman?

When I say this, I refer to the oyster fishermen. I spoke to one of the remaining oyster fishermen who works on the Fal in an old boat he did up himself. He is young and works in the months allowed, collecting oysters and selling them to fishmongers or to local restaurants at a flat rate. I met him 18 months ago at an event held at Falmouth’s Pavilion and tasted his locally caught oysters (which were divine, I hasten to add).

As he opened one for me to try, I mentioned Falmouth’s Oyster Festival and just as conversation goes, I said: “Well the festival is here soon so you will be able to make a bit of money there?”

I knew he was finding it difficult to make ends meet, as a lot of us do. He was selling first class flat oysters at about eight to 10p each.

I was very surprised when he said he was not allowed to sell his oysters at Falmouth’s Oyster Festival as the ones there came from other places in Cornwall (we hope at least they came from Cornwall).

A sort of Mafia agreement perhaps? How is it possible that a local oyster fisherman can be excluded from selling his produce at the local oyster festival?

I hope this year will be different and I hope people who go there will ask where the oysters they are eating come from, and not accepting “locally caught” as an answer.

How dare they exclude a local fisherman who works under sail in the traditional way from an event which should be the highlight for his season.

A Bojko (via email)"