1 x £55 pledge - Crowd fund our restoration and get a book, DVD and a dozen Fal Oysters


Can we save UK's Oldest Fishing Vessel, celebrate the unique Fal Oyster and help recruit youth into a traditional sailing fleet. from Fal Oyster on Vimeo.


Please understand, I have been trying to rebuilt Shadow since 2014, it's not going great so far, if you pledge now I still have to rebuild her, film it and publish a book then send you Fal Oysters, if you are looking for a delivery of Fal Oysters soon then please simply make a similar pledge and we will send you the DVD & book when Shadow is rebuilt


In 2017 we are looking to achieve 3 goals:

Preserve the stock of our unique Fal Oysters on the fishery 

Restore the oldest UK fishing vessel still working her original fishery

Promote our unique pop up venue showcasing fresh Cornish shellfish!

How? Well it has taken a year and many closed doors to come up with this plan, so here goes...

To preserve stocks we need £5,000 for another 100 of our unique trays built by GT Products and of course Fal Oysters 

To rebuild Shadow 1884 we need £45,000 and about £5,000 for the workshops and storage for other projects* too, oh and lots of free labour...

To finish fit out for our unique floating restaurant idea and tour with Ostraca.co.uk we need £20,000

so £75,000, well actually £100,000 so we can design, publish and distribute 2,000 copies of a book about a year in the life of a 131 year old... 

£100,000 divided by 2,000 copies is £50**, simples...

We have tried other crowd funding platforms, but most are only interested in fast high growth companies, not wooden boats and 130 year old sailing heritage, we also found it very time consuming to make videos and write copy for applications, only to fail because you only get a few weeks to reach your target or you get nothing... Nice!

But not here, because when you invest in this we can start straight away! For example the first 100 copies will save the stocks, the second 100 copies will prepare the workshops etc etc, we promise to rebuild her Shadow anyway and we already have the pop up restaurant, so we may as well record "2017 - A year in the 131 year life of Shadow" and send you a book...

Release date to be confirmed as will rely on rebuild schedule but hopefully a summers work so publication probably in time for Christmas 2017 ;)

We will also produce a DVD to accompany the book and send you a dozen Fal Oysters when we post the finished book to you!

*In fact we also have Boy Phil 1908 to restore, so if we could sell another 1,000 copies we could rebuild her too...

**the extra £5 is effectively a 10% margin of error for fees and charges, alternatively you can also send us a cheque and we will write back confirming your pledge!

Finally you can also donate other amounts to either rebuild of Shadow or Boy Phil back on the home page.

All the best, and bye for now! 

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