£1 COVID-19 Lockdown Voucher


I have decided that I must now close the online delivery services for the foreseeable due to COVID-19 and delays in the delivery network, and to prevent overloading the UK delivery system therefore leaving it for more important items such as medical supplies! 

But I know how much you love our oysters and we will really appreciate any support in ‘staying afloat’ during these unprecedented times, I have set up this voucher so I can supply you as soon as I can start trading again, I promise! 

Buying Fal Oysters or Fal Rocks for yourself or as a present to someone else? Pre order any number of £1 vouchers as you wish and you or they can contact me to arrange a collection or delivery at a later date!

100% REFUNDABLE and we will not spend this money, it will be put into a totally separate ISA account, but we may borrow against any funds raised by this option to keep us afloat through these challenging times for us all!

Take care, stay safe, stay alive, protect the NHS and most of all stay at home to help save lives!

(Photo courtesy of: Mary Trapp - Artist)

All the best, bye for now!

Chris Ranger (Director, Oysterman & Sailor)

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